Keras 2 release

March 17, 2017

Interesting to note:

TensorFlow integration

Although Keras has supported TensorFlow as a runtime backend since December 2015, the Keras API had so far been kept separate from the TensorFlow codebase. This is changing: the Keras API will now become available directly as part of TensorFlow, starting with TensorFlow 1.2. This is a big step towards making TensorFlow accessible to its next million users.

Keras is best understood as an API specification, not as a specific codebase. In fact, going foward there will be two separate implementations of the Keras spec: the internal TensorFlow one, available as tf.keras, written in pure TensorFlow and deeply compatible with all TensorFlow functionality, and the external multi-backend one supporting both Theano and TensorFlow (and likely even more backends in the future).